important Italian university specializing in VFX, CGI and post production. All this new professional knowledge gives him a skill hard to find in an assistant director. Nowadays he distributes his time between local and international productions, counting on his back with 10 films and at least 80 television advertisements. His story inside the media industry begins during the year 2003 in Buenos Aires city, Argentina. During a three-year period he submerges into movie auditions, casting direction and editing. When this period is over, he decides to develop his career in the assistant director’s department. Buenos Aires became one of the most chosen cities to shoot due to the unique locations all around the country and price competitiveness. This golden period also brought uncountable movie production services from Latin America, Europe and USA. This way he consolidates his career as he gains experience working with professionals from all around the globe while he gets involved into film projects with directors like Roland Joffé ('The Mission', 'The Killing Fields', 'The Scarlet Letter'), Cinzia TH Torrini ('Elisa Di Rivombrosa', Terra Ribelle'), Florian Gallenberger (Oscar 2001 for ' Gestohlene Träume ', 'Colonia'), Gleen Ficarra & John Requea ('Focus', 'Crazy, Stupid, Love', 'I Love You Philip Morris'), Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. ('The Thing'), Jayme Monjardim (Él Clon', 'Sete Vidas), etc. The big jump takes place during his work trips around Europe where after 4 years between Spain and Italy he achieves on his goal for becoming an international assistant director. During this time, he studies in the most